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A really generous, full glass of wine--named for Tammy, who says there are only three glasses in a bottle of wine
I am so in the mood for some wine--pour me a nice, big Tammy glass.
by Dr. Foo February 20, 2009
A husky lesbian with hairy arms
That bar is a well-known lezquatch hang out.
by Dr. Foo May 22, 2008
A person at the office that one shares all the trials and tribulations of the job and outside personal life with--also rumors, gossip, etc.-- on an emotional level. The first one someone runs to when something big happens in thier personal life or at the firm. An emotional relationship, but not a physical, sexual one. Relationship is confined to the workplace--if it goes beyond that, it is more than an office spouse.
It must have been something big, because after the meeting she went straight to Malcom, her office spouse.
by Dr. Foo March 23, 2010
Dried up diarrhea
Ma: What's this brown stuff on the rug?

Pa: Looks like dryarrhea from the dog, yesterday.
by Dr. Foo July 10, 2008
To pay close attention, to recall for further study
When I'm spittin' you better take notes, dude.
by Dr. Foo May 08, 2008
An adjective describing someone who dresses trashy and looks fantastic. (Maybe it takes a lot of money to look so cheap.)
Muffin tops and midriff bare
Jeans with little room to spare
Halter top and teased-up hair
Gaudy earrings, horn dogs stare--
Totally trashtastic!!
by Dr. Foo May 12, 2009
An election in which there is only one real choice--even if it appears that more than one choice is offered--not necessarily restricted to the (old) Soviet Union.
There was no real choice--only one candidtate without a prison record--just another Soviet ballot.
by Dr. Foo July 20, 2008

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