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All-time best street bike ever built. Introduced by Harley Davidson in 1957 to combat the invading British Triumphs, Nortons and BSAs on the track and on the street. The best selling middleweight motorcycle in history.

Unique among Harleys, the Sportster engine and transmission are in one case, whereas the so-called Big Twins have a seperate transmission case. Pre 1986 Sportsters featured iron heads and are called (DUH!) Ironheads. '86 to present are the next generation Evolution, or Evo, Sportster and feature alloy heads and a 5-speed transmission. The most recent models feature rubber-mounted engines.

Sportster-based motorcycles have dominated flat-track racing since the late 1960s. Many early choppers and customs were built from Sportsters, as well as land speed record bikes.

Calling a Sportster a "girl's bike" or "Shortster" may result in a visit to a dentist.
Lots of Yuppie Softail wankers ignore the fact an 883 Sportster makes almost as many horses as their Evo Big Twin, but the Sporty is two hundred pounds lighter. No contest, Sportsters kick ass!
by Dr. Badwrench July 10, 2006
Of or pertaining to the ass in its entirety.
Anal is to anus as assal is to ass

Assal horizontology

by Dr. Badwrench December 09, 2008
Free-range cattle when considered a "game animal", often poached by radical environmentalists is the western US.
Slow elk was the only meat on the hoof I've seen in two weeks, so I'll be in steaks a while.
by Dr. Badwrench May 02, 2008
A two-pound dead-blow hammer, often mistaken for a rubber mallet. The primary tool of the hacks at Orange County Choppers, especially Paulie. Chiefly used for axle installation, engine/transmission alignment and primary cover installation.

Properly used, an OCC wrench is a useful tool that one occasionally needs for stubborn, rusty old parts, not shiny new ones that should slide together if one knows what they are doing.
I have been a motorcycle mechanic for ten years, and have never needed the OCC wrench to put in an axle.

Look, that idiot Paulie dinged that primary with the OCC wrench!
by Dr. Badwrench February 22, 2008
Orange bags of trash left by highway work crews. From the orange trailers of the Schneider trucking company. West Coast trucker slang
I had to swerve to avoid that asshole in the Mitsubishi and hit a couple Schneider eggs. Should've seen that trash fly!
by Dr. Badwrench February 21, 2008
Model designation for a Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle.
all examples of different Sportster models
by Dr. Badwrench July 10, 2006
toilet paper, especially cheap one-ply
We need another roll of brownie film in the shitter!
by Dr. Badwrench June 25, 2006

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