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An interjection used immediately after a sarcastic remark, for the sake of emphasis and humor, to test others' gullibility and unreasonable willingness to believe everthing they hear
"Silly rabbit, seriously, come over here and you can have some Trix..."
"Sweet Ecstasy!" *the silly rabbit promptly pops up like toast and gaily clicks his hind paws together in midair*
by The Wadinator January 08, 2008
A word to use for every feeling.
It can be used in place of:
I don't know...
-BERF!!! *runs away*
by MuffinKate January 02, 2006
the act of disposing or pouring out a beer before finished or before taking a sip then acting drunk
Delaney berfs it every weekened to make himself feel good

by Ivana Likurballs March 08, 2008
The day a person or person's was birthed; see also birthday
a. Been this way since BERF!, b. Been trifelin' since BERF!
by Basil (aka: Bassmaster) August 04, 2010
When you are in agreement with someone or have nothing better to say in response to a comment. In that you're pickin up what someone's putting down.

Berves also means "verbs" in Nicaraguan speak.
It's so hot outside today.

by Amy T. May 31, 2007
when you burp and a little bit of barf comes up
"dude I just burped and puked a little in my mouth, it's all I can taste"
"I just berfed"
by finks April 24, 2008
A sparingly used word to put emphasis on the word "both".
A higher degree of emphasis than bof, which is higher than both.
Scott: Both of us are going to the hair stylist for a haircut.

Javon: Bof of us is goin to da parlor to trim we fros.

Darquavis: Berf us gizzah mosey to da barber shop and get a fresh cut.
by Big Country Kellogg April 05, 2007
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