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A person who is not thin, but has a defined and fit body. The opposite of skinny fat.
Girl: "I was expecting to look better than her in a bikini, but it turns out she's fat skinny and had a flat stomach."
by doyoucopy July 31, 2013
Expression used when something boss happens, and no other word can explain the feeling. Also appropriate in really ANY situation.
You see someone wipe out - you say bamsters.
You get an A on that test - you say bamsters.
no one is listening to you - you yell BAMSTERS!
awkward silence? bamsters.
by doyoucopy October 13, 2009
move-on man. The guy girls use to move-on after a break-up. Kind of like a rebound except the girl doesn't expect the relationship to go anywhere. M.O.M.'s are dumped when the girl either finds some confidence or another man.
Girl: No, it's nothing serious... he's just my M.O.M. I'm just not over John yet.
by doyoucopy January 17, 2011
Short for Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Because it's name is too long.
Person A: Where you live?
Person B: CRIA
Person A: haha Iowa?! Really?
by doyoucopy September 18, 2009
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