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someone who fancies larger ladies, also known as antianorexiaorcism the fear of dating skinny women
that mr.horseman is a real chubbychaser , have you seen how large his wife is
by dox89 October 09, 2006
also known as a slut. coming from the two words.

1.Cum - the sticky semen that you ejaculate from your penis
2.Bin - a place to store rubbish or semen in this case
urgh that dirty cumbin Meena has had everyone in croydin. i wouldnt touch her with a bargepole
by dox89 October 04, 2006
i am one of these, my father was born in ireland and so were all four of my grandparents. this makes me plastic. Hopefully not always used as an offensive term as my dad calls me it. lol.
he was born over in england, has done more research on irish history and been told every irish story his dad knows, learnt to drive on a tractor in ireland. Hes a plastic paddy.
by dox89 October 08, 2006
someone who gives oral sex to someone with ginger pubes
that nick is gingerbeard
by dox89 October 11, 2006

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