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Code Word when some loud mouth will not stop talking or stop making noises and continues to intrude on other people's peaceful atmosphere in order to draw attention to themselves. When saying this, it usually involves eye rolling and a small shaking of your head....and thinking "Just Hush"
Instead of being rude and saying shut up please, you can just say hush puppies and everyone knows what you are thinking because they are thinking the same thing

"When we see Gary coming over to our table, one of us says "Hush Puppies" because we know Gary is going to start talking loud and bragging and getting in our heads.... we don't want to be mean to Gary so we warn each other by saying "Hush Puppies" meaning get ready for Gary's mouth.
by dovette7 July 25, 2010
full of awesomeness, uniqueness, fantasticness, beautifulness, truthfulness, craziness, all rolled up into one personality...... No one else can compare because their personality has everything!
She landed that guy because.... He couldn't look at anyone else b/c she sucked him in with her CVPNess
by dovette7 July 25, 2010

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