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fagget combined with homo
dude, stop being such a fagmo.
by douglas44 May 04, 2006
hybrid of loser and homo
sometimes just referd to as "loose"
wow, that guys the biggest loosemo
by douglas44 May 04, 2006
someone on nexopia or myspace who goes to people's profile's and leaves stupid comments just to get hits.
If the glopper is in action they are considerded to be glopping. Past tense, glopped.
pernounsted: go-lop-per

word invente by myself and friend because so many ppl do this...
glopper example: someone leaves a comment like "hey do i know u from somewhere?" then u have to replie telling them no u dont ur an idiot....giving them a hit in the process.
by douglas44 May 04, 2006
simple addition...

sweat + ass = swass
it's so hot and i'm wearing jeans, i'm garanteed to get some swass here...
by douglas44 April 10, 2007

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