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1. n. A very crazy shot, usually not aimed.

2. n. A quick lighting up of a joint before you leave.
1. He took a potshot, easily missing the barrel.

2. Before he left, Jerry took a pot shot to mellow down.
by dougie3 June 08, 2007
to be kind of certain about something or someone
Person 1: Hey are you going to Sara's party?
Person 2: I'm kurtin I'll be there, but no promises.
by dougie3 June 08, 2007
adv. to be hooked on/ upsessed with facebook
"Jerry needs to get out more, he's facehooked."
by dougie3 June 08, 2007
n. A plan of action, usually by a girl, about her split ends
Carry, caught up in the moment, made a split decision and cut her hair.
by dougie3 June 08, 2007
v. to get something going (to get the party started)
"Yeah can we rock the boat or something? This is taking forever!"
by dougie3 June 08, 2007

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