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The abbreviation of porthetic which is a combination of poor and pathetic.
-Dude did you hear that new Good Charlotte disc?
-Fuck no, those dudes are fucking porth.
by Douchebag February 17, 2004
Lexus model. In Japan, it is the Toyota Altezza. Lexus is non existent in Japan. It is just a new way of selling the high luxury division of Toyota.
Lexus IS200 are nice, but relatively ricey with the stock Euro taillights and stock bomb muffler.
by Douchebag April 19, 2004
A pecker is the end or tip of a penis.
Vagina:"Dude, Penis, your pecker is turning red!!!"
Penis:"I know, I'm blushing!!!"
by Douchebag March 02, 2003
In reference to a dick, also known as a penis.
Dude, what I wouldn't give to put my D-unit in her c-unt.
by Douchebag September 19, 2003
A sperm is what comes out of the penis during intercourse(or ejaculation for that matter).
"During intercourse, the male's penis begins to produce and output sperm."
by Douchebag February 07, 2003
A biscuit that a woman queefs on.
"I just queefed on that biscuit, making it a queef biscuit!!!"
by Douchebag March 11, 2003
Being uptarded. Haha. This means that one is a little more retarded than just a normal retard and thus achieving the status of "uptard."
People add words to the urbandictionary without defining them are uptards.
by Douchebag March 26, 2004
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