35 definitions by douchebag

A donkey fucker is one who fucks donkeys.
Penis: Hey, Vagina, someone did it again. They posted another word without defining it.
Vagina: Yes, Penis, they sure did.
by Douchebag February 08, 2003
A Holden Monaro. Yes folks, half of the people on this site diss it without even knowing the facts. Let me set it straight for you. Price is $59,350. Dimensions: 186.8 in x 71.8 in x 54.5 in. Engine: 346 ci V8, 332 hp@5600 rpm, 343 lb-ft@4000 rpm. ABS vented disc brakes. Most commonly called the CV8 III Engine. HOLDEN IS MADE IN AUSTRALIA, and is a Ford EQUIVALENT. Ford is actually pretty good in Australia, but HOLDEN IS THEIR COMPETITOR.
The Holden Monaro is pretty cool.
by Douchebag September 14, 2004
To jump ass first onto someone's face. Usually most successful if the person is asleep, as to take them by surprise, and get their face all nasty and smelly.
Penis:"Dude!!! Watch me yokozuna Vagina!!!"
by Douchebag February 25, 2003
What the above stupidasses are trying to define is titty fuck(er)...a titty tucker is a girl who tucks her breasts in to make them look smaller, as not to attract as many males.
by Douchebag March 16, 2004
Urination porn is a type of pornography that usually features a woman standing up as the male fucks her and peeing on him or just plain peeing on him with no fucking or just plain peeing on noone.
"Hey, man, that's some nasty urination porn you've got there!!!
by Douchebag February 08, 2003
SPONtaneous tERrIFic fabulOUS...haha...
Isn't this place spontiferous???
It sure is...
by Douchebag March 08, 2004
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