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stands for 'Fuck Off Friday', meaning, when you don't do anything at work on a Friday.
Damn, I was hoping for FoF today, but i'm working my ass off here!
by doubleu August 15, 2008
how Indians say Vista
wista is fine with out sp1
by doubleu October 10, 2007
A boring person to hang out with. A Not so good-looking person but be careful he might be your kryptonite. It has the word TON in it , thus becoming your kryptonzinyte
careful bishes you might have been tonzified before you knew it.
by doubleU December 01, 2013
An unflattering picture of one's face achieved by taking a picture of yourself at arm's length. The effect is amplified in dark places like clubs, bars, etc. when the flash washes out your face.
Guy1: Is her nose really that big?
Guy2: Nah, her nose just looks like that cause it's a horsehead pic
by doubleu February 05, 2009
Fret lube is using the oil from your forehead or nose to lube up the buttons on a guitar hero/rock band guitar for faster playing.
Rock Band Player 1: Damn, I can't hit that green/red to blue/orange transition.
Rock Band Player 2: Dude, use some fret lube on that shit and shred it up!
by doubleu January 12, 2009
When you park your car in an attention whore sort of way so that everyone will see it. This is either done you can show your coworkers, etc. you were obviously there before them, or if you want to show off your car for whatever reason.
That bitch was clearly profile parking so everyone could see her Cayenne
by doubleu December 16, 2010
another affectionate nickname for a roach
dude 1: wanna fish tonight?
dude 2: can't. no shrubbery
dude 1: well, i've got a couple roachy roaches we can smoke if you want
by doubleu February 11, 2009

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