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A loving person that can be found on SPP and SPPChat. SHe's very nice and deserves this entry :D
OMG we all <3 Cayenne :)
by Reco August 09, 2004
A loving, beautiful girl who gets all the guy but doesn't just date them for no reason. She respects her friends and is really good with sex. She is the perfect girl for a guy. She may not be the most popular but lots of people love her. She is really hot. Its in her name.
Who doesn't love Cayenne?
by Thatone chickyou dontknow March 27, 2015
Usually half Asian with a hung horse dick who hangs out with mostly white people and Hispanics also usually black hair and has the ability to fist Oscar
I bet cayenne has a bigger dick than most the men in squad
by Average_mane420 December 17, 2015

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