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The act of thrusting one's hips forward and launching a projectile panther from one's crotch. Best depicted in the video "Powerthirst 2." Its creation has been credited to you, because you are "too energetic for normal sports."
"Similar to Bear Blasting"

Person 1: "Hey, do you want to play some football?"

Person 2: "No, but I've been practicing my humpcatting!"
by Dorthu January 03, 2008
v - to attempt to solve a problem by repeating the solution to a previous problem despite the sweeping differences between the two problems. Implies that the solution being tried is obviously incorrect, but is being used in order to avoid having to think of new solutions.
Jason: I can't figure out how to defeat this boss.
Tom: Well, we had to push over a crumbling pillar onto the last one...
Fish: Let's drop a pillar on it!


John: Dude, why are you spraying WD40 in your PC?
Dave: It worked on my bike.
John: Wow Dave, way to drop a pillar on it.
by dorthu September 16, 2009
v. - a solution which is oversimplified to the point that it becomes nonsensical. Often presented as a brilliant idea by someone who wishes to appear knowledgeable when they actually know the least about the subject.
Dorthu: "I'm having trouble seamlessly streaming levels in this game."
Gabe: "Just put a door in."


Tom: "Dude, instead of paying to get my car fixed, I'm just gonna use some duct tape."
John: "Way to put a door in."
by Dorthu June 02, 2009
1) Used in lieu of a word you can't remember, but whose meaning can be understood in context. Typically replaces a noun, but can be a verb or adjective if necessary.

2) Appended to a sentence to signify uncertainty, often in a shaky or questioning tone.
It's pouting out here! I wish I'd thought to grab my juber when I left home this morning.

That sounds like a good plan...juber.
by dorthu June 11, 2008

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