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Explosive diarrhea resulting from the ingestion of tainted Mexican food.
"Hey Beef-stains, looks like you're going to have a Taco Bell Blast!"
by dorham May 16, 2006
a chummy title, used in jest towards cronies, specifically referring to fecal matter expelled onto the under-garments.
Care for a round of croquet, beef-stains?
by dorham May 16, 2006
A variation of the mullet haircut, in this case worn by a jock or sporto.
"That cock-staple with the soccer-rocker stole my lunch money!"
by dorham May 16, 2006
a moustache of the variety found on gay men in the 1980s.
My, Herb has such a leafy cock-sweeper!
by dorham May 16, 2006
a variation of the mullet.
"That Izod Polo shirt goes well with your neck-warmer."
by dorham May 16, 2006
title used in referrence to someone who is in a position of leadership, yet warrants no respect.
Yeah, I heard you, Sergeant-Skidmarks!
by dorham May 16, 2006
yiddish: an annoying person.
"Hershel, you're being a nudje...now,shut up, and eat your shikseh!"
by dorham May 17, 2006

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