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A mixture of sweat, dingleberries, baby powder, loose pubes, urine, and dirt that collects in the chode of a soldier after they've been in the field without a shower for more than a couple days. It can be scraped off with a fingernail, mixed with water and rubbed on the face and arms for insect repelent.
Matt, "I order you to take a shower when we get back to base. You fuckin' stink!"

Jeff, "I know. I'm churnin' some serious duck butter!"
by dooshkanew August 23, 2009
An unpleasant event in one's life which must be endured as a rite of passage or a badge of honor.

The quality of a person's character is inversely proportionate to the amount they complain during the suckfest.
Mike, "I just found out my unit is going to Iraq for a year."

John, "Fuckin' suck fest!"

Mike, "Yeah."
by dooshkanew September 11, 2009
A legitimate medical term for the symptoms of P.M.S.

A woman with Mad Cow Disease is referred to as a mad cow.
Matt, "Thanks for taking me to the indian casino to play poker tonight. I had to get the fuck away from my wife before she drove me nuts."

Jeff, "You're welcome. I knew you needed it. According to my calender she's got mad cow disease this week."
by dooshkanew August 23, 2009
A girl with a smoking hot body and an ugly face (i.e. Everything looks good scepter face.)
Matt, "That girl has a really hot body, but her face is ugly."

Jeff, "Yeah she's a scepter face."
by dooshkanew August 22, 2009
The yellow-brown stains that collect on the armpits of a shirt. It can occur on any type of shirt, but primarily refers to white v-neck undershirts, as worn by the prophet Al Bundy.
Jeff, "Why don't you try washing your shirts with bleach. You got some serious Bundy spots going on."

Matt, "I know."
by dooshkanew October 10, 2009
An uncontrollable spontaneous utterance said when a grotesquely ugly female (see boogawolf) walks by. It can be accompanied by douche chills, fever, profuse sweating, nausea, and projectile vommitting.

Synonyms: boogadang, oofah, wolfah, holy mother fuckin' shit
Matt, "What's wrong with Adrian?"

Jeff, "I don't know. He saw Starr Jones on the TV, yelled out boogadamn, vommitted all over his workstation, and ran to the little girls room."

Matt, "Should we go check on him?"

Jeff, "Nah, I got work to do."
by dooshkanew September 05, 2009
When a person is so obese that their cankles bow outwards. In moderate cases the outside heel of the shoe becomes excessively more worn than the inside heel. In extreme cases the fibula touches the ground.
Jeff, "Hillary Clinton is so fat and grotesque. I think she was born a man."

Matt, "Yeah I was at her political rally last week and she had the worst case of bowcankles I've ever seen."
by dooshkanew September 02, 2009
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