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1. adj: a measurement of shlongs per eggs on the dance floor or at a party, measured in nibbles; 1 nibble for every dude per chick. As we know, math is quite an issue for this, so rounding is appropriate.
2. adj: also a large group of homosexuals...also on the dance floor
Herman: Hey Richard, what's the quantum of nutsack?
Richard: It's about 3 nibbles.
Herman: Would you call that a fest of sausage?
Richard: Why yes, yes I would.
by doolichard February 21, 2011
verb: to have a severe shrinkage in one's dong. Hence 'nega' as in negative, and 'dong' as in male genitalia. Quite opposite to that of megadong.
Dude, this pool is so freakin cold. It's giving me a mad case of negadong.
by doolichard February 21, 2011
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