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When someone rings up 999 for an emergency service and pretends there is an emergency . Thus taking up valubale resources.
"One of the Grievance clan did a hoax call which ended up the fire engine taken up could have saved that old lady."
by Doodles March 30, 2005
Italian game television channel. Used to have Geoff Moody, Betti Peri and that Andrew bloke. Now has turned into a softcore porn and message channel. They have several MMORPGs such as The Legend of Mir 2, The Myth of Soma and a Horizons game.
"I was on Game Network's The Legend of Mir show and game."
by Doodles March 24, 2005
A very large girl that plays hockey. Waddles like a duck. Doesn't move fast.
Girl from UN hockey team.
by Doodles November 21, 2004
Village in county Durham.
"When the Chantastic Five went to Haswell they saw the Grievance clan attacking a pensioner they beat them down.
by Doodles March 23, 2005
Ally of the Chantastic Five. He along with Kurtbo, Lee, Lance and many more make up Kyles Killer Krew.
Kyle and his Krew go to Durham Sixth Form Centre.
by doodles March 22, 2005
during a dirty filthy sex sessin one performs the act of urinating on the other-commonly known as a golden shower
close your eyes and mouth honey its "golden time"
by doodles September 21, 2003
goin up the club to have a drink
where ya goin??
by doodles June 16, 2003

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