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the cheapest version of products found in tesco stores

tescos own brand products

ridiculously cheap prices but the quality of the product is usually sh*t
guy 1: wtf is wrong with these batteries... i took one photo then they ran out
guy 2: tesco value batteries?
guy 1: yup

girl 1: omg this shower gel stinks, what is it?!
girl 2: tesco value duh

bill: woah check it out you can get baked beans for 9p!
bob: yeah bill, they're tesco value, they suck
#tesco #value #cheap #crap #poor quality
by dontstartaband June 29, 2006
the dyslexics way of spelling awkward
i cant spell the word orquad

there was an orquad silence
#awkward #dyslexic #dumb #spelling #thick
by dontstartaband April 23, 2006
women who has blondish curly hair and gets to make all the water features on bbc's ground force

famous for never wearing a bra

pervert: woah! check it out you can see that girls tits!
perverts friend: yeah thats charlie dimmock
#charlie #dimmock #ground #force #bbc #no bra #curly hair
by dontstartaband June 29, 2006
the breaking of wind from someones bum

see fart
"whats that smell??"
"jerry just did a bum bum blast"
#fart #wind #smell #gas #stink
by dontstartaband August 31, 2006
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