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1:a general term used for when a white person starts acting black or very stupid.

2:when a person of any race starts to smell like B.O and eats goat meat or roadkill
what ya cooning out for man?

ewww shit, you smell like B.O, your really cooning out here

1: a cup that has had a rinse in urine to bring satisfaction when someone later drinks from the cup.

2: a cup/mug that has had urine in it for a while to make all future drinks have a pissy after taste.

3: a way of getting revenge on a boring man, namely naj.
man: oi naj drink this tea

naj: ta mate, nice tea, got a really sour after taste though.

man whispers to friend: he has no idea that hes drinking from a piss cup.
the act of calling someone a liar using the term "beard" or "chinny"
eddy mcbeard: i was telling my mate about the cup final.

ricky o'beard: and what?

eddy mcbeard: he started bearding me, fucking coon head.

ricky o'beard: yea, fucking loves to chinny that one does.
1:describes a person/persons acting like a coon (spade,wog,negro,sambo,niggity)

2:untrustworthy person, a person with a very angry attitude and aggressive tendancies.

3:someone that cant be serious at any given time.
OI MATE! stop cooning around, your acting like a sambo.

what ya cooning at? looking like a spade with your coon breath.

if you coon around too much son, a spear chucker will have his way with you while you sleep

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