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female name mostly used in south east asian countries.
Where did Chinny go?; Chinny is so cute....
by nicarukooagua May 12, 2009
chinny meaning'chin-up', usually followed by a slap under the chin that makes you bite your tongue.
My cat died..



Ow i bit my tongue!
by lauramagrathh May 28, 2010
Used in Whitby (England), means

1) Cheers For The Invite (sarcastically).
2) But most people just use it for anything.
Lass 1: You coming to my party?
Lass 2: Yeah definitely.
Lass 3: Chinny!
Lass 1: Chill eh, I was gonna invite you.

Lass 1: Hey!
Lass 3: Chinny!
Everybody else: OMG shut up.
by woopsivedroppedyagyrohaha April 07, 2011
This is a term in boxing used to describe a fighter who has low resistance to head blows.
He was considered chinny at that point in his career, having been dropped 20 times by substandard oppositon.
by vagabond686 March 16, 2009
*NOT* Created in Boston, Lincs, UK circa 1987. In wide use in Portsmouth, Hants by 1970's school kids.

To express sarcastic disbelief or incredulity at the actions of another.
"I found ten quid yesterday"

"Yeah, chin-ny". Often accompanied with a ruminating rubbing of the chin. Also "Yeah, chin-wag".
by JohnnyMalaria January 22, 2005
A woman masturbating with a strap-on dildo on her boyfriend/girlfriend's chin while simultaniously having oral sex performed on her.
Hey, would you like a "chinny?" Sure... let me go grab my strap-on!
by Blumpkin Buggia May 03, 2009
the copper with the big chin who beats up little kid
"fuckin hell chinny caught be graffin and he kicked the shit out of me"
by james the 3rd September 22, 2005