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See snatch, bearded clam, minge, etc, a lady's front bottom (vulg)
A fish mitten will both keep your fingers warm and make them smell of fish.
by Donkey Kong September 16, 2004
I used to live just outside Cleethorpes, and some wise-ass broke and re-arranged the letters on one of those old wooden direction/mileage signs from CLEETHORPES to CLITHERPES. Just thought I'd share that with you.
1970s holiday-makers' advert: "Come to Cleethorpes - it's better than fucking Spain!" Clearly aimed at ignorant Yorkies.
by Donkey Kong September 14, 2004
An exclamation or ejaculation expressing disquiet, disgust or disappointment with a given situation. "Rats arses" is an acceptable substitute for more polite occasions.
As in "Rats' cocks! That was my last fag."
Or simply "Rats' cocks!" when, for example, treading in a dog shite.
by Donkey Kong September 14, 2004
a stoner word. has to be timed really well in a conversation or you will sound retarted.
"Dude, remember that one hot chick the other night?"
"Yeah man she was totally bangable"
"Yeah and she put out too"
by donkey kong February 25, 2005
1. An annoying person.
2. One who wears too many G-Unit shirts.
3. A person who thinks they're black just because theyre not white
1. Someone shut that G-Muffin up! he talks too much!
2. Isn't this the 13th day in a row that kid wears G-Unit shirts in a row?
3. HA! Look at that guy, he thinks hes black.
by donkey kong September 12, 2004
A collosal and difficult to shift turd.
"Hi Harry, is your wife in?"
"Sorry Jean, she's just gone upstairs to bury a quaker."
by Donkey Kong September 14, 2004

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