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24 definitions by domonic

A gas station that is on a highway, where there is no other gas station in the area; the prices are much higher than a common gas station, so you would have to be desperate and low on gas to even consider getting gas from there.
A)Wow, did you see that gas station? The gas was $7.00/gal.

B)Yea, it was just a desperation station, because the next gas station is 30 miles away.
by Domonic July 10, 2008
When gaming online, the point in which there is evidence, beyond reasonable doubt (by the average gamer), that a Tea Baging is about to occur. Whether or not you are on the receiving or giving side, you know that's goin' down.
1337 Sniper: Dammit Tony, I just got No-Scoped.

1337 BR: Yea, he's already Pre-Bagging you.

1337 Sniper: How can you tell?

1337 BR: He's running towards your body, looking down, and bouncing as he approaches...Okay, now he's Tea Bagging you.
by Domonic July 14, 2008
Acronym for "Feel Free To Join". Can be said when going out, playing video games, or other applicable instances.
MySpace Bulletin: Going to a movie at 7p, ff2j

Xbox Live: m2af, playing Halo 3, ff2j
by Domonic January 07, 2009
The perfect timing needed to excel in any motion-sensing game for the Wii.
In order to win at Wii Tennis, you need to have good wiiflexes, or else you will mishit the ball.
by Domonic January 23, 2009
An African-American that lives in the suburbs, or a mostly white-populated town. Could also be considered the exact opposite of the ghetto/projects.
Ever since I moved to Tualatin 16 years ago, I've been a suburbanegro.
by Domonic October 08, 2008
Any reaction that a group of people/animals have that is in unison and relatively similar.

Joe: Did you hear that? It sounded like a bomb!

Erick: Yea! What should we do?

Joe: Not sure...but did you how fast we hit the ground? We have amazing Weflexes!
by Domonic July 06, 2008
The sex of a person that cannot be determined at first glance. Although there is no proper way to pronounce this, it is a mutual realization that can be determined through eye contact with someone stuck in the same dilemma.
D- Oh my...did you see that...person?

N- Yea, man. What was it?

(Together, they think "(she)male)")
by Domonic March 07, 2009