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When gaming online, the point in which there is evidence, beyond reasonable doubt (by the average gamer), that a Tea Baging is about to occur. Whether or not you are on the receiving or giving side, you know that's goin' down.
1337 Sniper: Dammit Tony, I just got No-Scoped.

1337 BR: Yea, he's already Pre-Bagging you.

1337 Sniper: How can you tell?

1337 BR: He's running towards your body, looking down, and bouncing as he approaches...Okay, now he's Tea Bagging you.
#tea #bag #tea bag #tbag #bags #humiliate
by Domonic July 14, 2008
Prebagging is taunting gesture in online gaming made by performing the teabagging motion behind the opponent before killing them.
I just prebagged that sniper good, real good.
#teabag #tea-bag #teabagging #hump #pre-bag
by YeaTrickYea February 24, 2010
Putting on a condom before you go to the club.
Don't forget to prebag before we go to the club.
#condom #club #prebagging #penis #hobo
by Trevorthegreat August 03, 2011
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