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Any person that walks into you without saying "excuse me" or acknowledging the fact that it happened. Derived from when cats do this to humans. Also, can be used flirtatiously.
When I was in the break room, I held the door open for Bekah with my back; however, she still happened to cat up against me when walking through the room with a smile.
by Domonic October 05, 2009
When an area, previously dominated by white people, suddenly becomes overpopulated with Mexicans.
Well, in Tualatin, you have the areas by the high school that are fairly white...but, like the rest of Tualatin, these areas will Mexplode by 2010.
by Domonic October 18, 2008
Irish people that are either dark-skinned, or have dark hair. Contrasting to what some people think, it's not AT ALL related to African-Americans. Which means, that Stuart, whatever you are, you're not black, and have no right to say you are. Also

Also, very dark Irish Creme-flavored coffee.
Stuart: "Actually Dom, I am part black."

Dom: "No you're not. You are part retarded."

Stuart: "No seriously! My grandpa is black Irish."

Dom: "Okay. But how did Africans get to Ireland? My people sure as hell didn't swim there. If we won't get in a bath tub, we sure as hell won't jump in an ocean."

Stuart: "I'm not sure, but either way, I'm part African-American."

Dom: "Whatever, your skin looks like paper, and your hair isn't even as dark as my skin. Bye Stuart...but watch what you say since you're 'black'. I'll still kick your ass if you say it."

"Coffee today, ma'm?"
"Sure, black Irish, please."
by Domonic January 24, 2007
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