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1. Litterally Property. Most often used as a term of endearment for a girl's boyfriend by the girl herself. (as in "my Beau")

2. Litterally Property. Used to in reference to a guy that signifies possessiveness or attachment of the girlfriend, fiance or wife of the guy

3.a term for a boyfriend, male admirer or husband used by a girl when she is claiming (non-sexual) rights to him like she would for property

4. a fashionably dressed (typically southern, but not nessesarily) gentleman: a man always smartly dressed in the fashionable clothes

5. a frequent and attentive male companion or escort for a girl or woman. Especially if from the South

6. A term a girl uses for really sweet guy, who a she wants to be asked-out by

7. all inclusive term for a girl's significant other; her guy (always has a very positive connotation)

8. dandy or a dandy guy (never in a sexual way)

9. a kind, thoughtful gentleman
Girl: Me and my beau are going out later today. He is going to pick me up.

Girl's Friend: Your beau is so sweet. I'm jealous, why can't my guy pick me up as well?

Girl: Hey, back-off he's my beau
by dogma girl November 26, 2010
1. the action of having put googlie-eyes (those little plastic wiggly eyes kids use in art class') on something (or someone)

2. irrationally "falling for" someone and being obvious about it; having a crush on someone and having an udder lack of coy about it
1. Suzy, have the kids googlie-eyed their puppets yet?

2. Don't pretend, we all know you're googlie-eyed about her.
She's googlie-eyed about him and it's beginning to sicken me how much she flirts with him.
by Dogma Girl February 24, 2010
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