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fuck YOUR life
person 1: my parents got divorced

person 2: FYL
by Dodongo56 March 28, 2010
the new way to say "bullshit"
Person 1: You are so full of bull ass
Person 2: What a load of bull ass
by Dodongo56 March 18, 2010
The first thing most people will ask if you say some black person looks like a different black person or is like another one.
Person 1: Hey, that looks like Morgan Freeman!

Person 2: Because hes black?
Person 1: Wow, slam dunk. like mike.

Person 2: Because he's black?
by dodongo56 December 03, 2010
Cut the Shit
person 1: dude why didn't you show up to the hockey game last night? you told us to buy your tickets!

person 2: oh my bad man, did nashville win?

person 1: cts, just tell me why you weren't there.
by dodongo56 May 01, 2011
after you are done taking a piss, you shake around uncontrollably for a few seconds.
After i got done pissing, i shook a little. I called it the toilet dance
by dodongo56 November 05, 2010
A name for a very big dog.
Person 1: Whoa did you see that giant dog?

Person 2: Yeah its a fricken mastodog.
by dodongo56 May 09, 2010
the art of taking someones candy bar when they arent looking and replacing it with a piece of human feces.
Shit Shat works best with baby ruth, butterfingers, and twix
by Dodongo56 January 04, 2011

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