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3 definitions by docwilliedynamite

Enlisted Sailors who have the time honored job of providing various nursing, medical, and clerical duties for the Navy in hospitals or on ships or attached to the Marine corps.Generall called pecker checkers,devil docs or just doc by sailors and marines.
Marine One: Hey where's our Corpsman?
Marine Two: Doc had to take staff sgt to get his bore punched
by docwilliedynamite April 24, 2007
Females in the Navy Hospital Corps who give out pussy as often as they take vital signs, which is approximately every 5-15 minutes,to sailors or marines.
Marine: Hey Doc, did you see that new petty officer that works at the hospital.
Corpsman:yeah, i banged her already. she's a total corps whore.
Marine:any chance i can get in on that?
Corpsman:Definately Marine. All i did was ask her to check my blood pressure.
by docwilliedynamite April 24, 2007
what marines and sailors attached are sometimes referred to because of the way they roll the sleeves on the cammies, with the light colored side facing out. known to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.
Hodgie number one: Akmed do you see the Americans?
Hodgie number two: Yes they have whitesleaves.
*Akmed takes a round to the face.
Hodgie number two: run for your lives it's the white sleaves, the U.S. Marines!!!!
by docwilliedynamite April 25, 2007