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1. The act of spending a large sum of money on an expensive prostitute, similar to how Eliot Spitzer spent large sums of money on prostitute Ashley Dupre.
Man, when I get my bonus next quarter, I'm totally gonna spitzerize that shit.
by doctorgroove July 10, 2008
Orphanware is software that was purchased and installed, but no person in the company was assigned to or has taken responsibility for its operation and maintenance.

The end result is software which may be running on critical production systems, but no one in the organization exists to provide critical updates, reconfigure features or options, resolve outages, or guide users who need assistance with issues. Orphanware, or software which has been orphaned, is at risk of an unrecoverable catastrophic failure.

Since Orphanware has been purchased and installed, but isn't actively managed or kept up-to-date, it is differentiated from Shelfware, which was purchased but never installed; and Vaporware, which was never released in the first place.
All of our production software runs on Ubuntu and JBoss; after Bob, our only Windows/.NET expert left the company, all of our production Microsoft systems are Orphanware.
by doctorgroove July 15, 2011
(noun) The hair on your butt.
"He's a redhead... I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes?"
"More importantly, does the carpet match the trunk rug?"

"Man, my trunk rug has gone full-on 70's shag... gotta shave that sucka."
by doctorgroove August 25, 2016
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