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noun(descriptive)- a low class person who doesn't wash but merely "rinses" off each morning and usually substitutes an application of deodorant or perfume for soap.
Did you get a whiff of that skank? She's a real rinser.
by docbluey November 02, 2006
A white-collar middle aged man who loves to talk about his greatness and brag about his possessions (BMW, boat, homes, etc...) The Menta usually talks in a loud annoying voice in public places. Unlike the Yenta, he doesn't talk about others, he mainly talks about himself. Usually found in packs.
That group of Mentas in the restaurant are fucking annoying.
by docbluey February 26, 2008
noun - slang term for the glowing blue Covenant plasma grenade in the "Halo" video game.
I threw a bluey that landed on his face, giving him a "bluey facial", right before his head exploded.
by docbluey October 13, 2006
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