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20 definitions by doc brown

The tendency for overweight females to be surly, moody, nasty and bitchy, thereby rendering them even more unattractive than what they physically are.
"Hey Joe, what's with Michelle? She won't talk to me. I don't care that she's fat and all."

"Mate, it's a classic case of Fat Chick Syndrome."
by Doc Brown August 25, 2009
The question whether you are allowed to put your trash into your neighbor's trash bin after they have wheeled it out for collection.

Normally a neighbor's trash bin already wheeled out for collection is fair game. However proper etiquette is that your trash should not smell and be secured in a strong bag, so as not to stink out their bin.
Tim: Hey Joan, we've got some extra trash this week - I notice Graham's already put out his bin - you reckon he'd mind?

Joan: As long as you use proper trash etiquette.
by doc brown June 08, 2007
Crunchy twisted corn snacks made in Australia by the Smiths Snackfood Company. Twisties have been around for decades and have become an Australian institution much like Vegemite.

Traditional Twisties come in two flavours - the ever popular cheese flavour, and the try-hard chicken flavour. Recently Smiths have tried to leverage the Twisties brand by releasing Twisties Cheese-O's, a blatant rip-off of Cheezels produced by rival company Arnotts, and Twisties Zig-Zags. But nothing compares to the original taste of Cheese Twisties.
Hey dude! Pass the Twisties!
by doc brown June 02, 2007
The state of having yellow cheese powder on your fingers, while eating a packet of Twisties. The phrase was made popular in the comedy series Kath and Kim.

Similar to "Dorito fingers" and "Cheezel fingers".
Don't touch me! You've got Twistie fingers!
by doc brown June 03, 2007
An abbreviation of "scrap chips", scrips are the loose french fries that you find at the bottom of a McDonalds paper bag.

It is important to note that french fries are not defined as scrips until they have fallen out of the fries bag/box, and make their way between the burgers down to the base of the paper bag.

Scrips only become visible after you remove all other items from the bag. Therefore, they are usually eaten after you have finished your burger and french fries. While this means they are normally cooler in temperature than normal french fries, scrips provide the perfect ending to a McDonalds meal, especially when dipped into your chocolate thickshake.
"Oooh look !! Scrips !! Bonus !!"
by doc brown May 06, 2007
(verb) To knock your teammate out of a Formula 1 race by veering into him on purpose, when you're running 1-2. Usually happens because you are jealous of his previous victories and are sick of seeing him to finish on the podium.
Did you see that? Lewis Hamilton almost vettelled Jenson Button.
by Doc Brown May 30, 2010