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The nickname given to Craig T. Nelson's character on "Coach"
See also: Dauber, Luther.
by doc Evil July 26, 2003
Slang for "Urinate"
"Pause the tape for a minute. I gotta take a wazzer."
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003
To scope out an attractive member of the opposite sex.
"Whoa, sensors locked on that hot chick!"
by Doc Evil March 12, 2005
What Paramount is trying to pass off as Star Trek these days.
See also: Star Trek fans who will gobble up anything Paramount shits in their mouths and not only begs for more, but defends it like a wife would her abusve husband.
by Doc Evil July 26, 2003
A mispelling of "Snort" used in association of cocaine use.
"You better stop Zortin' dat P, bro!"
by Doc Evil July 22, 2003
To vomit, regurgitate
"I just saw an episode of "Enterprise, an now I think Im gonna fire my photons.. URP!"
by Doc Evil July 25, 2003
A really worthless person.
"That dudes a real turdburglar. Dont trust him"
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003
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