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22 definitions by doc evil

Another way to call attention to something.
"Yo, Lister, scan this new definition on Urban Dictionary!"
by Doc Evil March 12, 2005
5 1
The nickname given to Craig T. Nelson's character on "Coach"
See also: Dauber, Luther.
by doc Evil July 26, 2003
8 4
To scope out an attractive member of the opposite sex.
"Whoa, sensors locked on that hot chick!"
by Doc Evil March 12, 2005
7 5
Slang for "Urinate"
"Pause the tape for a minute. I gotta take a wazzer."
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003
10 8
A mispelling of "Snort" used in association of cocaine use.
"You better stop Zortin' dat P, bro!"
by Doc Evil July 22, 2003
4 2
To vomit, regurgitate
"I just saw an episode of "Enterprise, an now I think Im gonna fire my photons.. URP!"
by Doc Evil July 25, 2003
6 5
A really worthless person.
"That dudes a real turdburglar. Dont trust him"
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003
13 23