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3 definitions by dkinirvine

People who have extremely close relationships with their dog as a replacement of having a real boyfriend/girlfriend.
Dude you've been checking out Cindy for two weeks, why don't you just ask her on a date?

No man, every conversation we have revolves around her dog all. I'm starting to think she is muttsexual.
by dkinirvine February 15, 2009
After you spend forever jamming a stupid little electric buzzer up your nose to trim the hair, the one or two really long pieces of nose hair that mysteriously escaped the razor and sneak out of your nose untouched later in the day.
Bro, I know what your saying is important, but I just can't stop staring at that really long hair coming out of your nose. It even wiggles a little when you talk... Why don't you trim that shit?

I tried, but those god damn Nose Ninjas are so sneaky!
by dkinirvine January 08, 2010
A person that thinks they have earned the right to make derogatory statements about another race or culture because of their relationships.
Ted: What's up with wetbacks always wearing jeans and having mustaches?
Bill: Dude, why would you say that?
Ted: No it's cool, I'm dating a Mexican girl.
Bill: Oh, I wasn't aware that you were a qualified racist
by dkinirvine June 13, 2012