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Klow is a synonym for the more commonly used word "Pow" and is usually capitalized and followed by an exclamation mark. In other words, "Klow" is like "Pow", except with a "Kl".
As Vince was driving out of his garage, the door closed on roof of his car...KLOW!
by DJKham October 21, 2008
Slang for the word "Shit".
"That movie was shayte"
by DJKham April 24, 2006
Word of french Canadian origin. In the province of Quebec, usually refers to a man's testicles. Outside of Quebec, has a broader range of meaning to include most of a man's genital area (penis or testicles).
Oh man, Jonny took that pitch right in the gosse!
by DJKham July 23, 2008
When a man is with a woman who controls his every action, he is said to be under "panty control". This expression is of Patois (Jamaican) origins and dates back to the early 1950's. Synonymous for "pussy-whipped".
Is Jon's girl letting him come out tonight? Nah, the guy's under total panty control!
by DJKham March 24, 2009
A Jamaican man's penis.
Every chick wants a piece of the Jamaican Sausage.
by DJKham April 24, 2006
When a man's areola is larger than average, he is said to have "manroni" or "manroni nipples". Anything larger than a toonie is fair game.
Vince, you have some serious manroni action goin' on!
by DJKham March 30, 2009
Synonym for human breasts, usually a woman's. Derrived from Quebequois french.
That chick had the biggest joes ever!
by DJKham March 30, 2009

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