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Word of Jamaican "patois" origins. Exclamation of surprise, marvel, or disgust.
Bumbaclat! Look 'pon dis fine gyal ere'so!
by DJKham April 26, 2006
Slang for when a woman is pregnant.
Whoa son, yo' bitch is pregers!
by DJKham April 24, 2006
Canadian west coast drink that consists of floating an "iceberg" of lime margarita slush on top of an amber beer. Best consumed in the summer on a patio.
Bartender, we'll have a round of Iceberg beer with Kokanee.
by DJKham July 24, 2008
Synonym for a cocktail also known as a "purple jesus". Usually made with Vodka, grape juice and ginger ale (variants include blue curacao,southern comfort etc)
That chick is sippin' a purple fuck.
by DJKham July 24, 2008
Slang for the word "Shit".
"That movie was shayte"
by DJKham April 24, 2006
To "fool around" or interact with in a sexual way.
I heard you two fixing the tent last night.
by DJKham July 10, 2006
Slang for "curb stomp". Gangster move that consists of putting someone's face against a hard surface and stepping on the back of their head, thereby damaging their teeth (and probably a lot more)
If that boy don't pay up, he be gettin' some smilies from big Al.
by DJKham July 21, 2008
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