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The after effects of ghandi's revenge or rusty water. When one's anal ring burns with intensity and is too sore to wipe clean.
John's ring sting was so bad he had to hose his rusty water off.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
The morning after results of a very spicy curry (suggestion = put your toilet rolls in the fridge for the next day) see rusty water and ring sting
John had severe ghandi's revenge the day after his curry munching.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
Another phrase for the act of defication.
Laying a cable was a regular past-time of John's grandmother, however, it was when she did it in his mouth whist he was sleeping that really disturbed him and left him with a nasty after-taste.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
The results of a late night of curry munching or when in severe need of fibre. (runny shit) See ghandi's revenge and ring sting
My rusty water splattered all over the bowl.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
A term used to describe the intesity of one's homosexual tendencies.
Your faggosity astounds me.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
When toilet paper is carefully placed on the surface of the toilet water before taking a dump, see force soil, so as to minimalise loud embarassing noises and splash back.
Alex regularly used the stealth bomber technique, like a theif in the night.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
Music that is so good that it's sick or an ill cow.
1. That choon is moosik!
2. Call the vet, we got a moosik :/.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003

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