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dark bags under the eyes, bed-head, oversized clothing, and dark sunglasses are some of the telltale signs that the subject may be 'heroin-chic'. Despite looking like a bit of a slob, these individuals give off an air of confidence and glamor, a certain haughtiness amidst their substance abusing, crucifix wearing, and generally unhealthy appearance.
Kate Moss and Johnny Depp are both heroin chic.
#model/actors #gothica #waif-like #drug addicts #party people
by dizzzzzzzzzz October 16, 2005
the hairstyle in which the male of the species uses a large amount of hair product in order to severely spike, straight up from the forehead, while using the remainder of hair product to commpletely flatten the rest of the hair to the skull.
Anthony was ready for his date with the prettiest girl in all of Farmingdale: his Long Island Waterfall was completely greased up and sticking straight up to the sky.
#kentucky waterfall antonym; short on top #long in the back #guido-do #retard hair #brad pitt circa 1994 #the greaser
by dizzzzzzzzzz October 16, 2005
adjective: tacky in a New Jersey-eque, guido kind of way. Can refer to any manner of people, places, things.
The town of Secaucus, NJ is completely Pontiac, with it's lack of culture, lack of class, and tendancy toward all things guido
#guido syn #classy ant #white trash for italian folk #long island-ish #tacky syn
by dizzzzzzzzzz October 16, 2005
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