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Not For British School Kids
Meaning obscene or adult in nature.
Also used to censor somthing.
"She kicked the NFBSK out of that guy."
"Um, I don't think johnny should see that movie, its kinds NFBSK if you know what I mean."
by ditto September 13, 2003
The medical condition by which a luser is a incurable n00b.
That guy suffers from a sever case of n00bitis
by ditto August 14, 2003
That which is amazingly like something a n00b would do.
Omg, that death was n00badelic!
by ditto August 14, 2003
uber-1337, total pwnage
Grovel before bootus!!!!
by ditto May 11, 2004
Expression used in place of "hell yea", "w00t", or another expressive sentence end.
Get your hand off me you damn dirty ape! Thats from Planet of the Apes, Nooch!
by ditto September 13, 2003

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