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A term for a consultant brought into a corporate office to evaluate efficiency. This consultant is typically an omen of future downsizing and layoffs. "The Bobs" is a reference to the movie "Office Space" where two efficiency consultants named "Bob" were brought into the office.
Boss: "We've brought on a consultant to make our business more efficient. Please cooperate with Mr. Smith as he learns more about our organization. He will be interviewing some of you to find out more about what you do."

Employee: "Uh oh, looks like The Bobs are in town. I better get my resume updated!"
by dirtyqwerty November 03, 2010
v. The act of humping a trash can (named after a famous internet celebrity)
That guy totally is totally doing a Steve Baylis!
by dirtyqwerty April 09, 2010
v. Surreptitiously wearing a butt-plug around in public.
"Why is he walking like that?" "I bet he's juggling cork."
by dirtyqwerty April 27, 2010

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