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Essentially, a crack whore who's covered in mud from the ditch that a trucker pushed her into, after she finished giving him a blowjob.
Phil: "Hey, was that Tessie?"
Chris: "You mean the girl who's covered in mud, with cum on her face? Yeah, that's Tessie."
Phil: "Wow, what a ditch bitch!"
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008
Another way of saying that someone or something is "the shit".
Man, Al Gore is turdrific! He's really the shit!
by dirtyjeff March 20, 2008
A devoted follower of Hillary Clinton, who has been brainwashed into believing that she isn't a deceitful cuntwhore who's completely full of shit.
I can't believe that Dennis is such a hillaretard. I thought he had something resembling a brain in his head, but I guess I was wrong.
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008
A somewhat cute blonde girl, with limited acting and singing ability, who has been propelled to stardom by the Disney Company.
Rana: "Are you going to the Hilary Duff concert?"
Phil: "The Hilary Doof concert? You've got to be fucking kidding me, right?"

by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008
A form of torture, similar to waterboarding, that influences compliance of a prisoner by subjecting them to the simulated experience of drowning. The interrogation subject is restrained and a sheet of fabric is wrapped over their face. Then, between 4 and 10 men simultaneously urinate on the prisoners face, which induces gagging and vomiting almost immediately. The prisoner typically begs to be executed after 3-4 seconds of pissboarding. Prisoners subjected to pissboarding often have mental scars that last a lifetime.
Chris: "Did the pissboarding get him to confess?"
Ed: "Who fuckin' cares? I've got another 12 beers to drink."
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008
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