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acronym for Cool Hot Insanely Sweet
usaully used to describe girls
Dude 1: "That girl is a perfect ten"
Dude 2: "I know she is so chis"
by dimelis_16 April 24, 2007
when a person smells (good or bad) and you stand near said person or make any physical contact with said person and then you smell like them
-"Man that hobo over there smells bad"
-"I know, i went over to give him spare change and i got secondhand smell.
by dimelis_16 May 22, 2007
When a parent (preferably a mother) or person makes an accusation, explanation, or theory with no grounds. The accused cannot make any logical reasoning against statement simply because it is mom reasoning.
mom: If I eat more I will get skinny

child (to themself): There she goes again with her mom reasoning
by dimelis_16 May 10, 2007
To give someone a call. Meant to sound like "shout me a holla" but much cooler
Guy: What are you doing tonight?
Girl: I might go to a party
Guy: Well if you do, shop me a honda
by dimelis_16 February 11, 2010
To rap, usually to rap well.
50 cent talk greasy (talks greasy), but the kid in malibu doesn't.
by dimelis_16 May 09, 2007
1. In America: An amazing and brutal game in which two teams attempt to score touchdowns. There are a lot of rules, but its basically slamming someone into the ground. America's new pastime.
2. Everywhere else: A game with a soccer ball in which two teams try to score a goal, no using your hands. Known as soccer. The world's pastime.
1. Baseball is boring and gay, that is why i, like 99% of americans, would rather watch football.
2. In europe they play football with their feet.
by dimelis_16 May 09, 2007

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