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An annoying motherfucker. Enough said.
"Znozzy, you're an annoying motherfucker! Enough said."
by Dillon Boyer March 12, 2008
1.The ROFL copter shoots a LOL bomb or a WTF missle at the LMAO planes below. The ROFL COPTER goes soi soi soi.

2. The act of spinning and shooting crazily. You can only call it a ROFL COPTER if you get a kill by using it. If you get a head shot while using said ROFL COPTER you get l33t points.

3. The act of (R)olling (O)n (T)he floor (L)aughing.
In Halo 3 i was using the ROFL COPTER and i shot a n00b in the head.

The other day i was ROFL COPTERing and i slapped Maira in the face, it was so l33t... she cried like a little baby bitch.
by Dillon Boyer April 25, 2008
When you take a shit so windy and violent you scatter ass-mud all over the back of the toilet.

Splatter-craps are also known to propel people off their porclean thrones.

Splatter-crap is usually induced by Mazzio's pizza.
"Dude, last night i took a splatter-crap, sorry i wiped my ass with your dog."
by Dillon Boyer March 12, 2008
you stick 2g of weed into a large womans vagina.
and you wait 2 days and then you take the weed out, and smoke it... like tyler ritter does.
Tyler Ritter made some vagina weed with rose o' donnel.
by Dillon Boyer March 12, 2008
a stupid guy that acts like a little shit and sometimes he pops his collar which makes him a douche' bag.
That guy is a cacass for doing that to that poor 5 year old girl.
by Dillon Boyer March 04, 2008
When you go to sneeze then you fart
when your in class you sneeze and you fart then everyone makes fun of you. then someone says you unomicrohypercanacatakalysm'ed didnt you?
by Dillon Boyer April 25, 2008
A.K.A. The big B.

When a Brazilian hooker (you know, looks female, has a dick)takes a dump on his-her client's dick and runs with his money.
"WTF, that he-bitch-motherfucker gave me the brazillian butt bomb!?"
by Dillon Boyer March 12, 2008

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