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pi = approximately 3.14
therefore, when the clock shows 3:14, it is Pi Time!

An excellent time to eat pie.
Dude check out the clock, it's 3:14 - better heat up that cherry pie yo mama made cuz it's pi time!
by diggerb March 14, 2010
Old school 90's term for a headbanger, very common in Langford BC.

Shrubs are typically seen wearing a Langford Tuxedo, smell like they've been smoking way too much bad shake, and have a tough-guy attitude that is directed most specifically at skaters
Dude that shrub's been beating the hell out of that skater for the last half hour!
by diggerB February 05, 2010
Typically worn by the Langford Shrub, it consists of three layers:

1. a lumberjacket, under
2. a jean jacket, under
3. a leather biker jacket

and of course, greasy, shredded blue jeans.
Dude that shrub's been smoking too much shake - I can smell it a mile away -- he really needs to wash his Langford Tuxedo.
by diggerB February 05, 2010

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