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a tool. Someone who consistently wears cut off t-shirts, gold or silver chains, jerseys, baggy jeans, jean shorts. Favorite brands are Abercrombie, American Eagle, or Wal-Mart. They are often douche-bags.
That guy looks like a tool sportin those Jordans without laces and a baggy pair of jorts. He's a Chad.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
The girls are beautiful, the boys are well-groomed and cocky. The women are nosy and annoying (especially if mothers), and the men are aggressive and self-affirming. Money is everywhere, causing many people to simply throw change into trash cans. If you enjoy the eternal presence of cops, this is the place for you. Minorities beware: The people will act like they aren't afraid of you, but they are really terrified. Never has such a small community had so many specialized community newspapers. If you enjoy frequent ecounters with reality, do not move into Highland Park.
Hey ya'll, lets go to the burger place in Highland Park and look at all the beautiful people.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
a happy feeling that runs through your body when you listen to Animal Collective. The feeling can also arise when you are thinking of Animal Collective, singing Animal Collective, or tripping on psychadelics
Animal Collecting makes me feel so good. Let us sample some of those ecstacy pills you purchased.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
a sarcastic response to a lame joke made at the speakers expense
Casper: Hey Jake, you know that cheeseburger you just ate. You thought it didn't have mayo, but I put it on there and you totally didn't know.
Jake: (Rolling his eyes) You got me.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
a person, usually a college student, who drinks nearly constantly. His drunkenness is also annoying, unfunny, pathetic, and messy. If by some chance he is not drinking, he is talking about taking shots or bonging brews.
Johnny Drink-A-Lot actually came to class today. He was drunk of course, and he threw up and repeatedly said, "I'm wasted ya'll."
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
affectionate name for a cannabis smoking device
Pipey and I have been in a great number of journeys, mostly to my basement when my parents are not at home.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein March 30, 2006
A melding of bourgeois and water. Bourgewater is bottled water, purportedly from exotic locations, that is overpriced despite having a nearly identical chemical composition to tap water. These products are sold to upper class whites who have disposable income and live in close proximity to bourgeois food stores such as Sun Harvest, Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Central Market and numerous others.

Oh my, pilates just tuckered me out this afternoon. I believe I will go acquire some bourgewater to sate my thirst.
by Diedrich von Octuberstein April 23, 2008
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