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absorbent and yellow and porous
by die July 28, 2003
teh should be chicago sevened
( ((><)) ) fuck you assholes
by die June 28, 2004
fake pigs
by die May 18, 2003
word made by kids who sit on their computer all day thinking theyre better than everyone because they can make up words
M4RZ1P4N W00t L337 IM GAY!
by die April 27, 2003
a festival of hippies and bad music
Wanna go to womad?
No, I'd rather go to New England Metalfest.
by die April 27, 2003
trendy cartoon that really has no entertainment value
im kewl cuz I lik SPUNG BOB!!!! TEHEHEHEHE!
by die April 27, 2003
To masturbate while eating out old women-also known as playing Counter Strike.
Man, go read grandma a bed time story.
by DIE May 28, 2003

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