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when one masturbates after taking a big long shit on the toilet
Tom: Well after work, I had to go kill off some steam, so I had myself a King Jack in the bathroom
by didjitmachines June 25, 2004
Guitarist for the Bay Area punk band the Dead Kennedys. Real name is Ray Pepperell.

Considered to be one of the most underrated guitarists among the punk scene due to his incredible surf guitar skills and his unique unorthodox guitar sound. Also has created some of the baddest ass riffs of all time with Jelloa Biafra such as "Let's Lynch The Landlord", "MTV Get Off The Air", "Life Sentence", "Holiday In Cambodia" and "Police Truck".

Has written with the Dead Kennedys "Your Emotions", "Do The Slag", "At My Job" and a few others.

Lately is involved in a big lawsuit with the other members of the band in trying to steal the rights of the entire Dead Kennedys catalog from frontman Jello Biafra. He's also being blasted by many loyal Dead Kennedys fans as "selling out" and Has put out "lost live" albums such as "Mutiny On The Bay" which are bad examples of the band in their prime.

Also tried to use "Holiday In Cambodia" in a Levi's khaki pants commercial without prior consent.
Easy Bay Ray rocks on the guitar, but lately has sold out to try and make a dollar in the name for the band. Also The Dead Kennedys WITHOUT Jello isn't the Dead Kennedys.
by didjitmachines July 10, 2004
A kickass three piece underground punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois which formed in 1987 and disbanded in 1994. Albums include "Hey Judester/Fizzjob", "Hornet Pinata", "Full Nelson Reilley", "Little Miss Carriage" and "Que Sirhan Sirhan"

Responsible for spawning bands such as The Offspring, No Doubt, Faith No More and countless other CA bands.

The original members have gone onto bands such as the Supersuckers and the Gaza Strippers.
Excuse me Captain Ahab, how'd you ge me so stoned?
by didjitmachines June 09, 2004
One of the original guitarists for the Dead Kennedys. Only existed in the band for less than a year. Wrote memorable songs with the band though such as "Too Drunk To Fuck", "Forward To Death", "Ill In The Head" and "Gaslight".

Has been missing ever since
6025 wrote some pretty bad ass stuff with the Dead Kennedys
by didjitmachines July 09, 2004
Catchphrase used by comic genuis Norm MacDonald in the movie "Dirty Work"
Note To Self: Buy Ass Wart Cream For Giant Wart On My Ass

Note To Self: Germans Love David Hasselhof
by didjitmachines July 09, 2004
Track 7 off the Dead Kennedys first album "Fresh Fruit For The Rotting Vegetables"

Written by Jello Biafra, the song is a parody of the arms race that existed between the usa and the soviets concerning massive weapons.

Its main point driven home though gives a very witty and satirical look at the thoughts of dropping mustard gas on country club golfers on a sunny afternoon.

Has one of the best punk guitar riffs of all time!
Chemical Warfare
Chemical Warfare
Chemical Warfare
Warfare, Warfare!
by didjitmachines July 09, 2004
When banks secretly charge and take money from you for stupid violations and penalties: ie ATM machines, limited checking, under the minimum balance of an account, etc. and usually result in pissing off their customers and gaining more money.
"Shit! I had $99.50 in my savings, but since the bank minimum is $100 for the account to stay active, they took out $4.50 in penalty fees!"
"Damn Tom, they're nickel and diming your ass!"
by didjitmachines June 10, 2004
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