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Scottish slang for "your mother" usually used as a quick retort to an insult.
person1- you suck Dick
Person2- aye yer maw's dick.

I wiz shaggin yer maw.

Yer Maw's Muff smells like tuna.
by dickzilla August 11, 2004
A cryptic term only males understand -- " 5 minutes later i had my cock down her throat "
Her mum made me a cup of coffee we had a chat then, one thing led to another.....
by dickzilla August 16, 2004
Scottish slang. stems from english slang "bollocks" meaning testicles.

can also be used as a statement of disbelief.

Person1 I got my hole last nite.
person2 Baws , you couldnae get yer hole in a brothel.
yer maws got baws

ive got baws like watermelons

suck my baws.
by dickzilla August 11, 2004
As below a very small fraction.
Fuck , i missed that wee cunt by a Bawhair.
by dickzilla August 11, 2004
scottish slang for "none" nil, zip, zilch, nothing you get it?
Total nane va-va-voom.
by dickzilla August 16, 2004

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