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a reference to how a chicks butt-hole looks like.
i was getting this chick in the brown leather donut
by dick starbuck March 30, 2004
placing ones thumb in a females butthole while in the doggy-style position
i was thumbing this one broad from montebello
by dick starbuck March 30, 2004
the act of banging a chick with your middle and ring finger in a scooping motion
I was scooping it with your mom last night
by dick starbuck March 30, 2004
a sexual position in which a male is on top of a female with her legs all the way over his shoulders and he is in a squatting position over her. done perfectly looks as if the two are in a ball.
i was humbugging her when she let out a huge qweef
by dick starbuck March 30, 2004
also stands for butt kissing while in the workplace
That guys nickname is bk.
by Dick Starbuck November 03, 2005

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