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Something people say to entice the other party in to saying "what." Thus, making them an ass sphincter
person #1: "Ass sphincter says what?"
Person #2: "what?!"
Person #1: "Ha ha, you are an ass
by diceyj February 05, 2004
When you have something important to tend to.
"Crap - I better check my pancakes!!"
by diceyj August 25, 2004
To make one believe an event will occur when in fact it does not. Also known as "psyche"!
If a man was stood up on a date, he was fatdicked
by diceyj January 09, 2004
where you want to put things that suck
Give me my money back you bitch or I will lock you up in the poopy safe..... and don't forget to give me back my black tee-shirt
by diceyj February 03, 2004
Easy listening on cable
I was playing with your mom's soft tits, and I decided to listen to softits to lighten the mood
by diceyj February 03, 2004
Vermont Cheese heads
A guy(s) holding up a sign at a Green Bay Packers game who is from Vermont
by diceyj January 09, 2004

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