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1) A way to say "what's up?"
What's poppin?

2) A way to suggest taking pills.
Poppin pills.

3) An act preformed by a female that describes trying to get free drinks with as little interaction as possible with the target and once the drink is in hand, leaving w/o further explaination.

Derrived from the acronym "Power Of Pussy"
Basically it's considered poppin to get a man's attention til he buys you a drink and then you walk away!
Me and my girls are gonna have to be poppin them drinks tonight, we're all broke as hell.

Yeah, I popped a drink or two, what's wrong with that?

We're going to have to start poppin, the drink special ended and I'm low on cash.
#poppin #popped #popping #pop #p.o.p.
by Dicesha July 08, 2009
high class, or rich girl. maybe classy, or someone who values designer brands.
Don't let the bougie fool you, I will whoop your a$$.

That bougie princess that lives next door got another new whip this week.

Walking in here, looking all bougie, where are you going?
#boogie #bourgeois #classy #bougy #boujie #boujy #boojie
by dicesha August 21, 2011
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