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Slang term for the most inept president the United States has ever had.
George "Dubya" Bush
Did you know that the stock market dropped again today because Dubya made a speech?
by diatribe September 27, 2002
Someone whos is generally a screw up and its not a surprise.
What a fuck nut, I can't believe she said that to the boss.
by diatribe September 27, 2002
come fuck me boots - style of dress made famous by 1980's Jersey girls who liked Bon Jovi and big hair.

Look at those cfm boots.
by diatribe September 27, 2002
MTV is some scummy TV company who want to pump slime into you ears and eyes until money oozes out of your pocket into theirs.

It is pathetic drugery for loosers with no capacity to think or act on their own.

MTV generation is marketing hype made by MTV themselves, what a better way to market themselves than by getting people to say that anyone born in the 80s is "MTV generation", scumbags they are.

MTV is synonymous with anal mucus.
Look I've got no brain, checkout my MTV skillz, as I slob around with my latest trend fashion clothes and live my fake life as a clone and consumer, jumping though hoops and taking crap from the media.
by diatribe April 01, 2004
To occupy (especially through sexual activity) a hot chick's ugly friend so that your friend can score with the hot one
Hey, Kevin, you mind jumping grenade so I can hook up with the hottie in red?
by diatribe September 27, 2002
A phrase used to convey an affirmative response to a colleague.
That is correct, my stylish black friend
by diatribe September 16, 2003

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